Supports Mobile 5.0

Please note:

This demo program is for your evaluation and will run for a limited period of time. Some functions are not active in the evaluation program. Please contact CMT to purchase the fully functional CE-CRUISE or CE-CRUISE EX program.


Enter Password:   


Don't have the password?   ...Please email support@cmtinc.com for the password.
Please provide us with the following information to get the password:

- Name 
- Company/Organization
- Current GPS equipment?
- Application with GPS?
- Phone, Fax, email
- Mailing address

To install, download the file "CECRUZDEMO.zip". Use WinZip®
to unzip this file and extract "CEADVDM.EXE" to your PC. When prompted for a password, enter the same password as the one you used for downloading the zipped file.

Connect your PDA to your PC then run the file "CEADVDM.EXE" to install the CE-CRUISE EX DEMO on your PDA.