Field CE SURVEY DEMO Download

Supports Mobile 5.0

Please note:

This demo program is for your evaluation and will run for a limited period of time. Some functions are not active in the evaluation program. Please contact CMT to purchase the fully functional Field CE SURVEY program.


Enter Password:   


Don't have the password?   ...Please email for the password.
Please provide us with the following information to get the password:

- Name 
- Company/Organization
- Current GPS equipment?
- Application with GPS?
- Phone, Fax, email
- Mailing address

To install, download the file "". Use WinZip®
to unzip this file and extract "fld42dm.exe" to your PC. When prompted for a password, enter the same password as the one you used for downloading the zipped file.

Connect your PDA to your PC then run the file "fld42dm.exe" to install the Field CE SURVEY DEMO on your PDA.