GPS & GIS Data


·          Field CE GIS has all the power of CMT’s proven field software as seen on the March-II-E and MC-GPS, including RAW data collection and post process differential.


·          GPS/GIS data collection with the convenience of a Windows CE environment.  


·          With the ability to load BaseMaps, Field CE GIS provides a complex GIS database on board.









Field Data Input


·          Field CE GIS’s enhanced data collection allows on-the-fly HUD (heads-up-digitizing).


·          With the click of a button point, line, or area features can be digitized to add extra data to existing topics.





Detailed BaseMap Data


·          BaseMaps contain detailed data on Roads, Railroads, Hydrology, City Limits, Key Geographic Locations, and much more!


·          With Field CE GIS’s Zoom and Pan functions, BaseMap features can easily accessed and combined with your lines, points, and areas.






View Length/Area Function


·          With the click of a button, length and area of the selected feature can be displayed.






Traverse Function


·          Field CE GIS provides an easy to use interface for inputting a series of traverse data when the GPS signal is not present.


·          All traversed lines will be calculated and displayed.


·          This capability will allow mapping in areas such as inside caves or under water.








Offset Feature


·          Storing an Offset feature when the GPS signal is not present or very weak.




BaseMap View


·          With the ability to load BaseMaps, CMT’s Field CE GIS provides a beautiful and useful background for your lines, points, and areas.


·          BaseMaps can easily be toggled on or off depending on your preference.


·          BaseMaps assist in both navigation and data collection.





Map Functions


·          Similar to PC-GPS, Field CE GIS provides easy to use Zoom and Pan functions.


·          Feature and Coordinate Information are conveniently provided when a feature is selected.





·          Field CE GIS provides real-time navigation on a BaseMap.


·          Navigation functions include:


§       Auto Scroll - Automatically scrolls the display when the navigation marker reaches the edge of the display.

§       Auto Zoom - Automatically zooms to center the navigation marker.

§       Target Beep - Audible alarm that will notify the user when they have arrived within the specified distance from the target.

§       Tolerance - Creates a circle with radius at the specified distance around the navigation target.





HUD Features


·          Field CE GIS provides (in the field) HUD (heads up digitizing) capabilities.


·          Digitizing a point, line, or area feature is easier than ever with Field CE GIS’s add feature function.




Attribute/Value Information


·          With the click of a button, Field CE GIS provides attribute and value information recorded for the selected feature.





Coordinate Information


·          With the click of a button, Field CE GIS provides coordinate information for the selected feature.


·          Toggle between Attributes/Values and Coordinate Information for the selected feature.



Point Symbol Pick List


·          Field CE GIS allows you to change your point symbols on-the-fly.


·          Change size and color of the symbol to fit the needs of your application.



Feature List


§         Field CE GIS provides on-the-fly creation or editing of Feature Lists for efficient data collection.








Symbol Libraries


·          Field CE GIS also provides multiple point symbol libraries to choose from.


·          Libraries included are: Conservation, Forestry 1, Forestry 2, Public, Transportation & Municipal, Environmental, and Default Symbols.