Dear Customers,

There is only one source for 3.6 V Lithium batteries that meets our safety requirements - the Toshiba ER3V/3.6V Ultra Lithium Battery manufactured by Toshiba Battery Co., Ltd. However, Toshiba Battery Co., Ltd. stopped the production of this Lithium battery. Consequently, there will be no more Lithium backup battery in the ACC-BATPAK-BK-2100 for the MC5 units. This should have little impact to you if you read and follow our instructions carefully.

With the 600 mAH batteries that we used to provide a very long time ago, at system low power (shut-down), the remaining power is about 60 mAH, which will maintain the memory/data for about one week (with the MC5 in the OFF state). With the 1400 mAH, 1600 mAH and the current 2100 mAH batteries, the significance of the Lithium backup battery has been gradually reduced.

For the last 15 years, CMT has been shipping the ACC-BATPAK-BK-2100. With the ACC-BATPAK-BK-2100 batteries, at system low power, there is about 200 mAH remaining power to support the memory/data for about 3 weeks (with the MC5 in the OFF state). At this time, it is advisable to plug in the ACC-RE3B re-charger and back up your data. Even when there is a Lithium backup battery in the MC5 and you do not keep the main battery charged and back up your data, you still run the risk of losing the data because the energy in the Lithium battery will run out.

We recommend that you back up your data often and recharge the MC5 when the system power gets low, ideally within 24 hours or as soon as feasible within one week.

We no longer supply the battery packs for the MC5/PC5 data collectors. Please properly maintain the battery in the MC5/PC5 data collectort you are using.

Thank you for your attention.

CMT Support