The CMT Timber Cruising Training CD Package is now available for users of the CMT GPS/GIS-based timber cruising software. The interactive training programs combine sound, video, and hands-on software examples for a complete training experience.




CMT’s past GPS Seminars have been provided for thousands of professionals and is recognized by the: Society of American Foresters, American Fisheries Society.




Through this cumulative educational source, students will gain a thorough understanding of GPS/GIS job management from start to finish, and also learn to effectively apply the CMT Timber Cruising software functions to their timber cruising tasks.









 GPS Concepts

4    Positioning Methods

4    GPS Error Budget

4    Data Collection Basics

  GPS Data Collection

4    Points, Lines, Areas

4    Static, Dynamic

4    Features, Attributes, Values

 Background Maps

4    CMT Basemap


4    Registered Photo



 GIS Mapping

4    Heads-up Digitizing

4    Forester's Toolkit

4    Preview/Plot Map


 Feature Data Management

4    Feature Lists

4    Import/Export Featrue Data

4    Combining Jobs


4    Navigate to Points

4    Navigate along a Path

4    Auto-routing


 Cruise Setup

4    Species/Products

4    Sampling Methods/Intensity

4    Volume Methods

4    User-defined Data Fields

 Cruise Data Collection

4    Tract/Stands/Plots

4    Tree Data Entry

4    Multi-product Data Entry

4    Tree Calculator Tools

 Cruise Data Management

4    Cruise Reports

4    Data File Transfer

4    Import/Export Cruise Data

4    Combining Cruise Data


Advantages of CD Training:

4    On-site Trainings: Hold internal trainings whenever and wherever necessary.

4    Beginner/Student Friendly: CD is designed for beginners starting with GPS/GIS-based timber cruising. Beginners and students can revisit concepts that are unclear to them and work at their own pace.

4    Inexpensive Solution: Instead of sending their members to a one-time basic training seminar at a few hundred dollars per person plus the travel expenses, organizations can now hold multiple in-house trainings for a fraction of the cost. For limited budgets, the training CD can be run on a large projector from the instructor’s computer.

4    Interactive: Combining digital sound and video instruction with hands-on examples, CMT’s training CD is a powerful training solution.



The CMT Timber Cruising Training CD is intended for use with the CMT PC-Cruise EX 07 software and the CMT CE-Cruise EX 07 software. If you do not currently own these software products, you may use the CMT GIS Training CD in conjunction with the free CMT PC-Cruise EX DEMO software or CE-Cruise EX DEMO software. However, the DEMO software programs will not let you save or export any data.

The CMT Timber Cruising Taining CD Package consists of the CMT Timber Cruising Training CD and the CMT GIS Training CD. It is licensed for one year at $185.00 each + S/H, and can be installed on one computer. ($95.00 for each additional validation of the CMT Timber Cruising Training CD. $95.00 for each additional validation of the CMT GIS Training CD.) Discounts available for educational institutions.