CMT has now combined its training experience into one comprehensive GPS/GIS Training CD equivalent to a Level I 2-Day Training Seminar! This fully interactive CD combines sound, video, and hands-on software examples for a complete training experience.




CMT’s past GPS Seminars have been provided for thousands of professionals and is recognized by the: Society of American Foresters, American Fisheries Society.




Through this cumulative educational source, students will gain a thorough understanding of GPS/GIS job management from start to finish.









 Mission Planning

4    Location/Time

4    Terrain Simulation

4    Satellite Configuration

 GIS Conversion

4    Job Setup

4    Feature Lists

4    Data Collection Parameters

 GIS Conversion

4    AutoCAD DXF

4    ESRI Shapefile

4    Intergraph DGN



 Field Data Collection

4    Points, Lines, Areas

4    Static, Dynamic

4    Features, Attributes, Values

 Post Processing

4    Differential Correction

4    Data Quality Analysis

4    Multiple Job Management

 GPS Concepts

4    C/A Code

4    Real-Time DGPS

4    Carrier Phase



Advantages of CD Training:

4    On-site Trainings: Hold internal trainings whenever and wherever necessary.

4    Beginner/Student Friendly: CD is designed for beginners starting with GPS/GIS. Beginners and students can revisit concepts that are unclear to them and work at their own pace.

4    Inexpensive Solution: Instead of attending one-time Level 1 Training Seminar at a cost of $395.00/per person, organizations can now hold multiple in-house trainings for $95.00/per person. For limited budgets, the training CD can be run on a large projector from the instructor’s computer.

4    Interactive: Combining digital sound and video instruction with hands on software/hardware examples, CMT’s training CD is a powerful training solution.



Ideally the CMT GPS/GIS Training CD should be used with PC-GPS 3.8 or later software. If you do not currently own PC-GPS 3.8 or later, you may use the CMT GPS/GIS Training CD in conjunction with the free CMT GPS DEMO software. However, the DEMO software programs will not let you save or export any data.

Training CD is $95.00 + S/H and can be installed on one computer ($95.00 for each additional validation).

Special Student Pricing: $45.00 + S/H.