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What's next?

It’s no small wonder that, after more than 30 years, the various models of CMT handheld data collectors are still serving many of our loyal customers. We are proud of our durable and reliable products and deeply appreciate our faithful clients.

"These things just won't die!" - Tom Rowe, Mark W. Whiteley & Associates, Inc. (9/23/13)

"Thanks for stepping up and giving surveyors a device that works for us as well as the old HP Calculators did; your equipment has been as rock solid as they were; we put them to the test every day and well - I have 2 that are 25 years old and they both still work - That says much!" - R.J.S. (1/30/15)

The world moves on, however. And so must you. Some of you have already picked up the Windows CE or Windows Mobile devices and are enjoying the colorful map display, the much reduced size and weight as well as the user-friendly and powerful functions of our FieldCE GIS or FieldCE Survey GPS/GIS mapping and data collection software.

If the typical PDA screen is too small for you, there are the Windows Tablet PC’s that will run our PC-GIS for mapping and navigation, and our PC-MAPPER for GPS/GIS data collection and navigation.

Now that many of you own an Apple iPhone, iPod or iPad, CMT is here again to provide professional quality software at affordable pricing.

iCMTGIS PRO GPS/GIS data collection and mapping app will run on the iPad and iPhone devices.
iCMTGIS III GPS/GIS data collection and mapping app will run on the iPad and iPhone devices.
iCMTGIS II is for GPS/GIS data collection using the iPad device.
iGPSGIS II is for GPS/GIS data collection using the iPhone device.
Area - Distance lets you digitize and view areas and distances.
Deed Calls - Area - Perimeter will generate a deed plot.
Stakeout iCMT will help you locate points or stay on a line or boundary.
Buffer & Stakeout will create buffers around a Feature.
Grid & Stakeout will create grid points or grid lines over an Area Feature.
Partition & Stakeou will let you subdivide an area.
Farming GPS GIS (for iPad) provides a host of mapping and data collection functions for farmers.
Forester GPS GIS (for iPad) provides a host mapping and data collection functions for foresters.
Cruise Angle iCMT is for selecting sample trees and computing BAPA.
Contour - Volume - Stakeout will let you create contour lines and compute volumes..
Virtual Tree Bucking will help loggers decide how best to utilize a tree stem.
Utility Data Collection provides meter reading and GPS/GIS data collection functions.
Wetland - Stakeout provides wetland determination data form and form design capability.

These apps can only be purchased via the Apple App Store. For a preview of a particular app listed at the App Store, please click on the relevant link.

To discuss your data collection software needs, please send an email to: support@cmtinc.com

Which GPS to purchase?
  Recent advances in technology have made it possible for the SIRF III GPS chip set to provide outstanding performance. The trend is for positioning devices to become less and less expensive. The software to organize and interpret the data will become the critical portion of the entire system. As an example to illustrate this point, it is easy to take the body temperature, but it is expensive and of vital importance for a medical doctor to make a diagnosis based on the temperature measurement and other factors.  
  Therefore, we have come to the conclusion that a good solution for GPS/GIS users is to buy a rugged waterproof PDA with built-in GPS that runs Windows CE Mobile 5.0, 6.0 or WEHH Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5, and order the Field CE GIS and PC-GIS PRO software package from CMT. There are now rugged smart phones available that also work as a Windows CE PDA with built in GPS. Alternatively, you could get an iPad or iPhone device and use a compatible high-precision Bluetooth GPS/GNSS receiver for GPS/GIS data collection or surveying.  
  If you prefer to continue using our older products, such as the MARCH-II-E and MC-GPS, we are still able to provide them at a good price at this time. Back
  Product Information  
  We are in the “GPS/GIS”, “Land Surveying”and “Forestry” application software market. With a D&B Rating of 4A1, CMT has financial strength. As the manufacturer of the MC5, PC5, MCGPS and MARCH-II-E, CMT is well versed in technology.  
  Our products are being put to good use by thousands of professionals. However, if you are a newcomer, please go through the following steps to find out more about our products before making a purchasing decision.  
    1. Click on the product link to view a brochure for the product of interest to you.  
    2. View the related PowerPoint Presentation to get an idea of how our software works.  
    3. Click the “Function List” link under the software product to see a detailed list of software functions.  
    4. Email support@cmtinc.com to ask for the password for downloading a free DEMO version of the software. The DEMO software provides many active functions and a full on-line manual.  
    5. Click the “Price List” link under the software product to see the list prices. The CMT GIS Training software, CMT GPS/GIS Training software, and CMT Timber Cruising Training software are available at low prices. Contact CMT to request quantity purchase discounts or educational discounts. Back
  Software Upgrades  
  CMT software version upgrades occur about once every few years. Please budget for these upgrades. They are required and necessary. Technology keeps moving forward. As more and more powerful file formats become available, such as MRSID and JPEG2000, and Microsoft advances to newer Windows OS, our software must be changed to keep up.  
  Generally, software products are forward compatible but not backward compatible. This means that you will be able to use PC-GPS 09 to open files created by PC-GPS 07 and PC-GPS 05, but a map file created by PC-GPS 09 will not open in PC-GPS 07 or PC-GPS 05. (The PC-GPS 09 file format is a superset of those of the older versions.) Back
  Tech Support  
  Please follow these self-help steps first :  
    1. Read the on-line manual that’s included with the software. A printable user manual is also included with the current software CD. Click on Windows “Start” button, select “All Programs” then point to the CMT program folder (such as PCGIS09). Select the PDF manual to open it. Then you may read or print it out.  
    2. Use the context help provided with the individual functions in the CMT software.  
    3. Purchase the CMT GPS/GIS Training CD, the CMT GIS Training CD, or the CMT Timber Cruising Training CD, as applicable. The detailed voice instructions guide you from basic principles, through data collection, then on to completing the map. You will gain “hands-on” experience by working with the examples provided on these Training CDs. It will take about 3 days to go through the training course. This is the most economical way to receive a thorough training on mastering the skill of GPS/GIS mapping.  
    4. Click the Technical Support link on the left side of our web page then click on the link to the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for the product of interest.  
  We believe that the above self-help material addresses 99% of the questions about product usage. If you are still stumped after trying the above steps, we can answer your questions by email. Please understand that we will not be able to spend a great deal of time with each individual customer. Back
  Software Development  
  Over the 30 plus years that we have been in business, many of our customers have told us their application requirements. We listen carefully and formulate their comments and suggestions into software functions, while giving ample consideration to the human interface at each step of the software development. The aim is to provide functions that are intuitive, simple and straightforward to use, require the least number of keystrokes, and so on. The result is a product that meets the end user’s need, with loads of powerful functions but still easy to use.  
  If there is a useful function that you would like to see in the next version, please tell us now.  
  support@cmtinc.com Back
  Custom Application  
  With a huge software library in hand, we can easily and quickly develop customer-specific software to fit your needs at a low cost.  
  Some examples of low-cost custom applications we have developed are:  

Air-borne Inspection with Voice Input and Voice Playback for Environment Canada
Bucking software for Timber West
Stand & Tract & Forester’s Toolkit for Georgia Pacific

  If you have a need for custom application software, please give us a call. Back
Marketing Strategy
Take inputs from our wide customer base.
Make the products “straightforward and intuitive”, “easy to learn” and “friendly to use”.
Offer the most affordable pricing.
The high quality and low cost enable our products to sell themselves. Happy and repeat customers spread the good word to other potential users. We keep our cost down by not hiring sales representatives. The savings are passed on to our customers. We do not feature fancy promotions and we do not push sales. We let our customers take the time to understand our products and determine that they can really put them to good use for their application. Back

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