íP PDA with Field CE GIS & PC-GIS PRO Package: $1885


Microsoft® Windows MobileTM 5.0/6.0
(Pocket PC)

Built-in GPS and built-in GPS Antenna:
  íP  Good performance under tree canopy
  íP  Typical accuracy: 1 to 5 m (real-time)
Automated Software Installation
Data Integrity and Validation Integrity

PDA with high-performance GPS
in waterproof case

Actual example from Horton Tree Farm
(900,000 board feet) in Oregon:
 íP  Mature and high density Douglas Fir trees
      on 40 acres
 íP  Wet ground and wet trees in December 2006
 íP  Most GPS would fail under such heavy canopy
 íP  Built-in GPS still performed very well
 íP  Area measurement error approximately 0.5%
 íP  Consistent tracking even under heavy
 íP  PDA survived harsh conditions

 íP Optional waterproof case available


Optional software installation available: CE Surveyor III or CE-Cruise


Rugged Waterproof Case:

Work in rain without worries. No need to open the case during field work.
See through the crushproof plastic case (with hand strap).
Access the touch-screen through the protective film.
Access the CF and SD slots through the top of the case.
Turn off the PDA via the CMT software.
(Turn it back on by pressing the Keyboard key on the PDA.)
Easily open the case in the office.

    Field CE GIS Highlights  

 íP  Load background image: MRSID®, PIM
 íP  Raster & Vector data formats supported

 íP  Digital Elevation Model (DEM)
 íP  Show contour lines on your BaseMap
 íP  Import/Export Shape Files

íP  Thousands of patterns and symbols
 íP  Intelligent GPS port recognition
   . "Free-hand" digitizing capability
   . Navigation and Auto-routing with
      Voice Directions
 íP  Snap to Node function
 íP  Length, Distance and Area measurements
 íP  Calculate Areas formed by Line features
 íP  Offset points or Traverse points
 íP  Nested Points function
 íP  Data Logging: By Time, By Distance
 íP  NMEA-183 GPS data support
 íP  LLA, UTM, SPC, NEZ and User-Defined
     Coordinate Systems supported

Heads-Up Digitize point, line, area features



 PC-GIS Pro is popular for Forestry applications.


 It is great for City, Utility , Farm, and Natural Resources GIS.

  HIGHLIGHTS   ForesteríŽs Toolkit Built-in!  
   íP  BaseMaps with contour lines
 Heads-Up Digitize tracts and stands
 from georeferenced aerial photo. Share  borders to eliminate gaps and overlaps.
   íP  GIS functions: Split, Join & more  
   íP  Buffering for points, lines & areas  
   íP  Image support for: Split Tract/Stands into smaller areas along borders or other boundaries  
        íP   MRSID® format  
        íP   JPEG2000  
        íP   GeoJPEG

Combine Tracts/Stands and join along common boundaries to form larger areas.

        íP   Geotiff  
   Heads-up digitizing  
   íP   Forester's Toolkit included  Create "Islands" within a tract or stand. The "island" area is subtracted from the tract or stand to show net acreage.  
   íP  Huge symbol/pattern library  
   íP  GPS Navigation  
   íP  Interactive spreadsheet Register Photos using GPS points or topo maps. View your photo and topo map side-by-side for georeferencing.  
   íP  Easy to Learn & Friendly to Use  
  Add Roads, Streams, and other Point, Line and Area Features. Digitize the feature and assign a symbol with a click of the mouse.  

    PC-GIS PRO Software Functions:  
   íP  Import/Export data:    íP  Create:    íP  Customizable Plot Preview  
          ASCII           Cruising Grids    íP  Link media to features    
          Shapefiles           Sampling Plots    íP  Join/Disconnect features    
          DXF files           Buffers    íP  Sort features in table    
   íP  GPS:    íP  Topic:    íP  Geo-reference and Load photo/images    
         Navigation           Classification    íP  Export to MS Excel® format    
         Routing           Automatic Labeling    íP  Feature List builder for Field CE GIS    
   íP  Heads-up digitizing    íP  Contours    íP  CE BaseMap conversion    
   íP  Forester's Toolkit    íP  3-D shaded relief map    íP  CE image conversion