High quality GPS for only $50

We often get calls from foresters and natural resources professionals who are looking for a good working GPS package at an affordable price.

We mentioned before that the trend is for positioning devices to become less and less expensive. Indeed, GPS devices with very good performance are now available at affordable prices. Eric Gakstatter, one of the most knowledgeable GPS users in the world, has written many articles for GPS World and is the Editor-in Chief of GeoSpatial Solutions. He has personally tested the Holux M-1000 for a long period of time, and recommended it to us for its good accuracy and reliability. Holux M-1000 is a GIS grade GPS receiver that costs about US$50.

Another piece of good news is that the prices of rugged Windows Mobile PDA's and Windows tablet PC's have come down quite a bit. For example, you can now get a rugged PDA with built-in GPS for as low as $525. There is little justification for the end users to spend thousand dollars for a GIS mapping unit.

The software to organize and interpret the data has become the critical portion of the entire system. As an example to illustrate this point, it is easy to take the body temperature, but it is expensive and of vital importance for a medical doctor to make a diagnosis based on the temperature measurement and other factors. Field CE GIS and PC-GIS PRO is hands-down the most powerful and affordable combination of field and PC software for GIS professionals. Our customers are pleased that this softare package comes with all the essential functions that they need to do their job - no need to purchase additional extensions for this or that. They happily discover that these software programs are intuitive and easy to learn.

Therefore, you can actually put together a complete functional package, including a rugged PDA, good GPS, and the powerful Field CE GIS and PC-GIS PRO, without breaking your bank.

If, instead of a PDA, you would like to use a Tablet PC as the data collector and enjoy the benefit of its larger display screen, then you could get the CMT PC-MAPPER software. This all-in-one software package will let you collect GPS data, navigate to a destination or along a route, as well as work with GIS mapping functions. PC-MAPPER can receive NMEA 184 signals from an external GPS receiver.

If you prefer to continue using our older GPS products, such as the MARCH-II-E and MC-GPS, we are still able to provide them at a good price.


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