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      Overview of Enhancements:




4    Added COGO (Coordinate Geometry) functions.

4    Ability to create CONTOUR maps for a specific topic or create contour lines for a specific area.

4    Full customization of PC-GPS tool bars and menu items.

4    Support for DEM (Digital Elevation Model) data to create contour lines, 3D shaded relief overlays. Drape topo maps on top for shaded relief on your topo map.

4    Added function for creating features from Deed Call text as well as creating Deed Call text from existing features.

4    Improvements made to the Create Cruising Grid function.

4    Elevation Profiling available to see changes in elevation over a user-specified transect.

4    GeoJPEG image support.

4    Now you can display Bearing or Azimuth in the status bar when digitizing.

4    Added a Load Background Map capability to load other map files in the background to be used as a guide for digitizing or reference.



     Additional Highlights:


4    Automatic BaseMap loading w/ preset colors, patterns and labels

4    Intelligent labeling for street names

4    Copy BaseMap elements into your map as features

4    Built-in DEM support for contour lines and shaded relief on BaseMaps.

4    Plot your maps or print directly to an image file

4    Coordinate system recognition for importing images and DXF Files

4    Turn on BaseMaps, add DRGs, add imagery, link photos and reports, do CAD calculations to complete your map


      Enhancements over previous versions:

4    BaseMap background data featuring Automatic Loading

Put your map into context with digitally enhanced BaseMaps. Automatic loading takes the guesswork out of choosing the right map. BaseMaps include layers for: Roads, Railroads, Hydrology, Transportation, City Limits, County Subdivisions, Landmarks, Address ranges and more.


4    Buffering function for Points, Lines, and Areas

Easily create riparian areas, SMZ lines, and other sensitive areas with buffering. Multiple buffer zones can be created for each feature at different intervals. Or, buffer just a segment of a line or area feature.


4    Expanded Symbol/Pattern Library

Choose from many new symbol libraries (thousands of new symbols), including specific symbols for: Utilities, Forestry, Conservation, Environmental, Survey and Transportation applications.  Also, editing tools are provided to combine, rotate, resize, and offset symbols to create your own set of customized symbols.


4    "Plot to Image File" tool added to Plot Preview

Now you can print your maps as image files to share & distribute to others who have no GIS software.


4    Project Toolbar update: Customize point & line digitizing shortcuts

Name up to 30 user-defined features with customized symbology to fit your specific application.


4    Project Toolbar provides new "Power Line" shortcut for utility mapping

Adding Power line ROW features is now as easy as adding other Project Toolbar features.

4    Load imagery in MrSID® format, GeoJPEG, Geotiff & JPEG2000 formats

    Development Success Story:


The Forester’s Module (FM) for PC-GPS initiated by Georgia-Pacific has become the most popular forest mapping software and is used by thousands of foresters.


Georgia-Pacific had several choices on where to turn for their project.


CMT was able to provide the powerful Forester’s Toolkit such as:


4        Split or Combine Tract/Stand

4        Create Island

4        Register Photo


It can be easily learned by end-users.

                               Shown is Combine Tract/Stand



                              Shown is Acreage Calculation



    PC-GPS Standard Functions







High quality labeled BaseMaps are automatically loaded with your differentially corrected job in the Map View.  They contain useful vector data such as:

·      Roads

·      Railroads

·      Landmarks

·    Hydrology

·    Transportation

·    Key Geographic Locations

·    City Limits

·    County subdivisions

·    Blocks



















·       Timber:             Determining no-cut zones along rivers (riparian areas)

·       Pipeline/DOT:   Specifying road buffers for right-of-way

·       Parks:               Park and recreation layout (green belt and creek buffers)

·       City/County:     Housing development layout (quiet zones)      

·       Municipal:        Specifying river flood planes

·      Agriculture:      Chemical application and crop planning                                     














Thousands of new point symbols, line and area patterns have been added to the symbol library in PC-GPS.














  Powerful editing tools let you define your own symbols. Existing symbols may be combined, rotated, re-sized, offset and colors may be changed.


Forestry Module (FM) for Farms [Lot/Crop vs. Tract/Stand for Foresters] is built into PC-GPS, and the low cost PC-GIS PRO (GIS software).





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Demo Software

Function List