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  CMT Survey




CMT Survey offers an all-in-one package for surveyors. This GPS/GIS/Survey/Contour/Volume/Coordinate Geometry/CAD software offers all the tools needed by today’s surveying professionals. All of these tools are conveniently combined into one package!!


Designed for use on a Tablet PC or notebook PC, you can take CMT Survey with you and all of your data as well. Whether you need to Stakeout points, shoot some side shots with your Total Station or perform RTK GPS Mapping, CMT Survey can handle the job.









CMT Survey offers a direct interface on your PC for the following applications:

     Total Station Interface

     GPS/GIS Data Collection


     CAD Design

CMT Survey is a super-set of PC-Mapper and PC-GPS so you will find all of the tools that you enjoy in these other software packages.














  Convenience and Power



CMT Survey is designed for Windows 2000/XP/Vista and Windows 7 Tablet PC supporting full 32-bit color and multi-media using Microsoft's OLE. With CMT Survey, you can run multiple jobs and functions on one computer. You can use the same computer to meet all of your Field & Office needs!


Let CMT Survey take over your project from beginning to end. Use it for Design/Layout, on-site Surveying (both GPS and Total Station), Stakeout and final map output.

The same software used in the Field is used in the Office. Eliminate wasted time transferring data between Field System and Office Systems.

Works with any GPS with NMEA-0183 output, CMT GPS Receivers, and most popular Total Stations.




  Powerful Map Labeling



With CMT Survey, you can quickly and easily label all portions of your data with distance and angle information:



Use these labeling functions:


     Segment Labeling

     Marker Labeling

     Angle Labeling

     Area Labels







   Other Highlights



The following enhancements have been implemented in the CMT Survey 09 software:


4    Full customization of software tool bars and menu items.

4    Ability to create CONTOUR maps for a specific topic or create contour lines for a specific area.

4    Support for DEM (Digital Elevation Model) data to create contour lines, 3D shaded relief overlays. Elevation Profiling available to see changes in elevation over a user-specified transect.Compute Volume.

4    Create features from Deed Call text, or create Deed Call text from existing features. 

4    Create Cruising Grid Points or Lines with Offset option and different spacing in the x and y directions. 

4    Ability to attach Voice Recording to any Feature in the map.

4    Import/Export Sheet View data from/to Microsoft® Excel or Access.

4    Supports ASCII EXPORT of multiple Topics as well as Line and Area features. Supports Shapefiles.

4    Supports Geotiff, GeoJPEG®, JPEG2000®, MRSID, ECW format images.

4    Adjust Transparency of Area Features and loaded images.

4    Powerful digitizing functions let you easily add Point, Line and Area Features to your map.

4    Displays Bearing or Azimuth in the status bar when digitizing.

4    Use the Load Background Map function to load another job file in the background to use as a guide for digitizing or reference. Create a geo-referenced image from the displayed map or by cropping from a loaded image.

4    Record Supplemental Data for each Feature Topic. Query historic and planning data and generate reports.




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Demo Software

Function list