Advantages of PC-Mapper

4    PC-Mapper is a super-set of PC-GPS and PC-GIS

4    Real-Time Navigation
Track your real-time GPS position on top of BaseMaps or other georeferenced imagery.
Moving Map - Auto adjusting to orient and scroll map as you move along.
Navigate along a pre-defined route or select any destination on-the-fly.
Works with any GPS with NMEA-183 output and all CMT GPS receivers.

4    Field/Office GPS/GIS Data Collection
With built-in Field software, PC-Mapper provides an all-in-one source for professional mapping.
Collect Features/Attributes/Values with BaseMaps and aerial photos in the background.

4    Auto Routing
Select a start and end point and let PC-Mapper calculate the most efficient route.
Follow along the route with turn-by-turn directions (including time and distance).

4    Stakeout Function
Perform point, line, offset, and slope stakeout.

4    COGO Functions
More than 20 powerful functions are available including:
Intersection, Traverse, Curves, etc.

4    Contour/Volume Functions
Use your GPS data to generate accurate Contour maps.
Compute Cut and Fill Volumes in the field.

4    Single & Dual Frequency Post-Processing (Differential Correction)
Provides multiple levels of differential correction including:
CA Code, Carrier Phase, OTF Carrier Phase, and Vector Net