On which devices does this app run?

iPad® & iPhone®.


Which GPS does this app work with?
iOS-compatilbe GPS receivers:
EOS Arrow
iSXBlue II
Bad Elf GPS


Definitive GPS/GIS Mapping App

From professional GPS/GIS data collection to heads-up digitizing, to traversing, to creating grid points, deed plots or buffer areas, to staking out locations and property lines, to dividing and combining land plots, to generating contour lines, you can do it all by using iCMTGIS PRO with a compatilbe GPS receiver. Record data on a moving GeoTiff background map. Add pre-defined or manually enered descriptions. Log the GPS track. Have your data organized in feature layers and labeled with their attributes. View, edit and share your data. Increase productivity for agriculture, utilities, land management, wildlife, surveying and many other GPS applications.


Which coordinate systems can I use? LLA
State Plane
Local NEZ

Also works with the User-defined coordinate system created in PC-GIS


RTK GPS Data Collection & Stakeout

Imagine no more. You can indeed use your iPad® to perform high-accuracy RTK GPS tasks, for example, by running iCMTGIS PRO in conjunction with an EOS ArrowTM GPS receiver and the EOS Tool Pro. iCMTGIS PRO will let you enter the antenna height and specify the RMS error limit as well as the incoming GPS datum. The app will display the GPS status and alert you when an error limit has been exceeded. GPS data collection will be halted when errors are out of the limits. This will help ensure high quality of the recorded data.

  Line Stakeout
GPS Status Bar

iCMTGIS PRO provides a rich set of useful functions that you've been looking for in a GPS/GIS app:

Set up Coordinate System Draw Deed Plot from Deed Calls Stake out Points
Load Geotiff as Background Map Create Buffer Areas Walk along Lines and Areas
Digitize Points, Lines and Areas Create Contour Lines/Regions Link/View Photos
Add Point by Coordinates / Address Compute Volume by Contours Import/Export Shapefiles
Log GPS Points Lines and Areas Join Points/Lines/Areas Import/Export text files, .xls files
Record Traverse Points Insert, Delete or Move A Node Import/Export DXF, GPX, KML
Log Offset Features / Nested Points Classify and Sort Features Export job map to PDF; View PDF
Create Grid Points/Lines over Area Measure Distance and Area Save Files Locally or on iCloud

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See video tutorial on configuring
iCMTGIS Pro for the Arrow receivers

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