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Software Validation and General Q&A

On this page we provide answers to miscellaneus questions such as those about the CMT products, how to purchase, and software validation. To see the frequently asked questions about specific products, please click the Technical Support link on the left side of our web page then select the desired product FAQ link.

1. How to get my CMTINC software validated?

After you have installed your CMT PC application software, when you run it for the first time, you will see a User Key displayed on the screen. Please email the User Key and the serial number of the software to support@cmtinc.com to request a Validation Code for the software.

Note to PC-GPS 3.X Users:

The current version of PC-GPS is version 09. You can upgrade to PC-GPS 09 for $385.00 + S/H.

We only provide support for our current version of software. There are substantial features and functional enhancements in PC-GPS 09, such as: Windows 7 compatibility, loading raster images in MRSID and ECW formats, ability to capture a geo-referenced image from Google Earth, buffering, expanded symbol/pattern library, saving the plot preview as an image file or a PDF file, adjusting transparency for area features and more!

Note to PC-GPS and Field CE GIS Users:

CMT often receives multiple software validation requests for the same serial number. We understand that a hard disk crash or Windows upgrade on your PC, or a bad crash on your PDA, may require that you enter a new validation code for your PC-GPS or Field CE GIS software.

For such situations, CMT will provide free software validation for the same serial number up to three times within three years of original purchase date. To cover our administration costs, we will need to charge a fee for each additional software validation for the same serial number. The assessment of a software validation fee became effective July 1, 2005. Buying a good PDA and maintaining it well will be the best solution for the Field CE GIS users. Please remember to back up your system periodically. Thank you for your understanding.

 2. Are the nylon cases for the MC5 data collectors still available?

We ran out of the nylon cases for the MC5 data collectors. We still have the nylon cases for some other CMT data collectors. The nylon case for the MC5GPS could be used for the MC5 data collectors as well, but it is a larger nylon case and the MC5 will sit loosely in it. Some customers are using the substitute nylon case and seem to be fine with it. The original MC5 nylon case is listed at $45 each + S&H. We can provide the larger substitute nylon case at the reduced price of $30 each + S&H.

3. Are the auxiliary batteries and the ACC-RE3 chargers for the MC5 and PC5 data collectors still available?

We are out of the ACC-AUXBAT and MAR-AUXBAT auxiliary batteries.

We are out of the ACC-RE3 and ACC-RE3B wall adapter/chargers. Please refer to the following specs to find a wall adapter/charger that will work with your MC5 or PC5 data collector:

Input: 120 V AC 60 Hz 12W
Output: 9V DC 500 mA

Plug inside diameter: 2 mm
Plug outside diamter: 5 mm
Plug length: 12 mm

Plug is positive at the center.

4. Are the ACC-BATPAK-BK-2100 battery packs still available?

We no longer supply the ACC-BATPAK-BK-2100 battery packs for the MC5 and PC5 data collectors as separate items. We do not recell these battery packs.

5. Are your total station cables still available?

We still have the following cables:

ACC-CBL-LIETZ-G2 for Topcon and Lietz total stations

ACC-CBL-PENTAX-G2 for Pentax total stations

ACC-CBL-PENTAX-G3 for Pentax total stations

ACC-CBL-NIKON-G2 for Nikon total stations

ACC-CBL-NIKON-G3 for Nikon total stations

ACC-CBL-LEICA-G3 (only a few remaining)

These cables may no longer be availabe in the future. Please order them soon if you are still using the older total stations. If you are a reseller, you may want to stock up on these items. We can offer a great discount to you.

6. What's new in PC-GPS version 9?

Please click this link to see a list of the enhancements in our PC software packages.

7. My USB hardware key is flashing and the software won't recognize it.

1. Please unplug the key, restart your PC then plug in the key again.
Then see if after flashing awhile, the light will turn to a steady green.

2. After the key stops flashing, click Windows Start button and go to the Control Panel. Under System/Hardware/Device Manager, click the
(+) sign for Universal Serial Bus Controllers to expand it.

Find the Aladdin key and right-click on it. Select Update Driver and let it get the driver update from the Internet.

If your CMT PC-series software is the current version, you could opt to switch to having your software program validated via software. In this case, you will give up the hardware key and return it to us.

8. Where can I find a PDF copy of the PC-GPS or Field CE GIS application software manual?

Click Windows Start/All Programs and find your PC application program. Hold the mouse over this item to see the relevant manuals listed. Click on the desired manual to open the PDF file. If you purchased the Field CE GIS program and the PC-GIS application program as a package, a PDF file for FieldCE GIS can also be found on this list.

The Field CE GIS program is normally not bundled with PC-GPS, PC-MAPPER and CMT-SRUVEY. However, you can find a PDF file for FieldCE GIS in the PC application program folder, such as C:\PCGPS9.

9. Where can I find an Activesync program that is compatible with Windows 7?

Vista and Windows 7 do not use MS ActiveSync.

When you connect your mobile device to your PC, the Microsoft Windows Mobile Center will automatically be downloaded to your PC.

In Microsoft Windows Mobile Center, select Mobile Device Settings then select Connection Settings.

Enable the connection with "Allow USB connections" marked. Also disable(unmark) "Allow connections to one of following".

10. File Transfer using Windows 7

"We have a number of your CMT MCV handheld computers and have enjoyed them for many years. We also enjoy the ease of using KERMIT to download data files and to upload program files to the CMT’s. However, our IT folks are talking of moving to Windows 7. Will the KERMIT program still run under Windows 7? Also, the potential new laptops may not be equipped with serial ports, are USB to serial port adapters available? If not, how do you recommend we continue to use our CMT MCV’s?"

Thank you for being a good customer of ours.
Please download FileTransfer.zip from

Unzip this file, which contains FILEXFER.EXE for file transfer between PC5/MC5 and Windows 7 64 bit or VISTA computer.

Following are the instructions for using FILEXFER.EXE for file transfer between PC and MC5:

To send files from PC to MC5:
1) Set MC5 to SERVER mode by entering from its operating system:
  kermit x

(You will need to exit your application software program to get into the MC5 operating system. Some application programs provide an ESC key for you to do so. With others, you will need to get to the main screen of the program then hold down F1 and press ON to try to get out of the program.)

2) Run FILEXFER.EXE and select COM port and Baudrate, select files from list, then click the "Send" button.

To send files from MC5 to PC:
1) Run FILEXFER.EXE and set PC to SERVER mode by clicking the "Receive" button.
2) Use the "kermit s filename" command from MC5 operating system.
3) After all files have been sent to PC, click the "Abort" button to make PC exit from the SERVER mode.

Alternatively, we have a PC COGOCAD PRO program that is used with our MC5 Surveyor's Assistant data collection program. COGOCAD PRO provides a file transfer function that facilitates moving data between the MC5 and the PC. Please click on the following link to view the information page for the COGOCAD PRO:

You can get a USB 2.0 to Serial Adapter to connect with your CMT serial cable. We find that the Cables Unlimited 2.5ft USB 2.0 to Serial DB9 Adapter - USB-2920 works well. You can order it from amazon.com:

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